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This site says they will find a date with their large database of people. It took longer than that to complete all the questions.

Speaking of all those questions, the commercials also say those are used to match you with someone you'll be most compatible with. He is the exact opposite of what I would consider compatible with me.

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I had tried them before years ago and it was a total waste of money - I had 2 matches in the WHOLE COUNTRY! Waste of money, waste of time, no customer service support, overprice. Not only have they already auto charged my card for December, they have also charged my card for January too! People sign up for free weekends, get matched with paying subscribers, they go away after the weekend and the subscribers can no longer connect. When the profile is clicked upon, a result of "Unfortunately, she is no longer available in our matching system". They also add on charges for everything additional to the basic service which is horribly expensive. I'll have to remember to close the account, I guess, prior to "one month renewal" that they've added without my authorization, and despite the fact that I specifically chose not to renew. I joined e Harmony because I'm finally ready to have a love life after a very painful end to a relationship.

I thought I'd see if there were more I might match with - there were, I had 16 matches but only one in my state and I wasn't allowed to see anything about them except age and town, and wasn't allowed to communicate for free. I decided I needed to get out there and start dating. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND, I signed up for a one month subscription on November 1, 2016. I logged in and cancelled my subscription on November 24, 2016. My account does NOT have the auto renewal option checked. This wasted my time and is a blatant false representation. I answered every single question in the 1500 question questionnaire, which took several days.

We have nothing in common, no common interests or goals. Why did I waste my time on all those stupid questions?

So I contacted e Harmony again, this time by replying to the last email I received from them since I can no longer find any means of contacting them through the site.

Before joining the site I received so many emails saying that these women wanted to talk. e Harmony is not worth the money and their ads on tv are full of crap. Probably one of the worst dating sites I've ever used. When I went to cancel my account the website was mysteriously down & they charged me an auto charge of $150 because I couldn't cancel my account due to the website being down.