Wher to chat about adult spanking

‘Cry, and sometimes if they haven ‘t got a handle on their door in their bedrooms – like I haven’t – they lock themselves inside’ (5 year-old boy) ‘They cry, also they weep [and] they might think their parents are silly’ (5 year-old girl) ‘Sometimes they get sent to bed. And sometimes I get sent to bed and I get no tea later’ (6 year-old boy) ‘They might cry, they might get upset and they might have to go to bed’ (6 year-old girl) ‘they act naughty and start to hurt people…

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They give a cuddle and they give a kiss and they shout at each other’ (5 year-old boy) ‘My mum and dad have smacked each other because daddy was doing hard things to mum.

And I kicked him, and I smacked him and kicked him’ (5 year-old boy) When you are big do you think you will smack children?

There has been much swirling debate in social media about spanking…whether or not it is okay to do it, if it makes good parenting sense, if good parents do it…and today I learned that there are get-along shirts that encapsulate upset and arguing or fighting children into a large shirt against their will as punishment.

It is truly difficult to take care of children, and many of us fall back on the parenting strategies we learned from our parents…when or if that feels very wrong to us….because we are frustrated, have run out of ideas and we go for what we know from embedded memory. As early as the 1920’s the international saw a need to address the treatment of children all over the world.

But if they realise that children have been talking to adults about it then I think they will definitely realise that it hurts their child and they will be very upset with themselves’ (7 year-old girl) ‘Well you can say “well, how would you feel if somebody bigger came up to you and smacked you?