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The franchisee may sell only those food and beverage products that LJS designates in the Operations Manual and meet the standards contained in the Operations Manual.Estimated Number of Units: 1,175 Costs and expenses of audit, and interest of (i) the maximum permitted by Kentucky law or (ii) 1 ½% per month from the due date until paid on any understated or underpaid amount, if Understatement or underpayment is 3% or more.Training and Assistance: Long John Silver’s will provide a pre-opening management training program at locations and for periods of time as LJS designates.

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Although the corporate structure at vom FASS has seen a shift back to German leadership, we’re excited to announce it was overwhelmingly agreed to keep the US Franchise Development Team together.

This talented and resourceful team has been together for several years growing vom FASS to over 30 stores in America.

Renewal terms are subject to the franchisee being in good standing and complying with renewal conditions.

Obligations and Restrictions: The franchisee does not have to participate personally in the direct operation of the franchised Restaurant, but LJS strongly recommends direct personal participation.

Territory: The Franchise Agreement will authorize the franchisee to operate one Restaurant at a specified address.